Andrew Widger

Vocal Technique/ Placement Director

Andrew Widger graduated from the University of Delaware in 2015 with a Bachelor's degree in General/Choral Music Education with a Specification in Voice. In his time there he participated in the production of the operas, sang in the elite Chorale choir (one of the most highly regarded college choirs in the Eastern U.S.), was a student actor with the professional REP theatre located on campus, and trained in voice and music education. After college Andrew was the playwright/director/actor of the touring children's theatre group IMPACT at Jean's Playhouse, writing the scripts for eight original children's musicals. Andrew then went on to be the choir director as well as theatre and piano teacher at two high schools on the Eastern Shore in Maryland. While there, he prepared multiple high school seniors for their college auditions. Andrew’s goal is not for each student to become a professional performer when they grow up, but to nurture their creativity, sensitivity, and their hearts.

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