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Brandon Salerno

Acting Comedy/Commerical/ VO/ Agent Prep - Virtual

Brandon Salerno is a SAG-AFTRA Actor who also worked as a full-time commercial casting director at GENUINE from May 2016 - January 2020. Join him and get a perspective from both sides of the table! As a casting director, Brandon has worked on projects for many brands including T-Mobile, Talalay, McDonalds, BP and others. As a professional actor, Brandon is known as Truman, a Recurring Co-Star role, in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - Seasons 1, 2 & 3. Other credits include: The Other Two (HBO Max), Nella The Princess Knight on Nick Jr. (Voice Over) and commercials for Sunoco, Kohl's and Stainmaster. He is represented by BMG NY, Trillion Management, Stewart Talent and WSM Talent.

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I’ve been working with Brandon for almost two years now and it has been an absolute joy and he has become a key part of my team. I adore him, his teaching style, his kindness, his personality, his advice, his expertise, and the way he honestly and genuinely cares about each of his students and whatever material they are working on. He has become one of the few people in this industry that I fully and completely trust. I know we will work together for a long time and I can’t wait to see what new auditions, tapes, and scenes we work on together. 

I recommend Brandon to any person who is working to get into the acting and/or voiceover part of the entertainment industry. Especially if you are working to go professional, his endless knowledge on the business side of the industry is unmatched and constantly helpful. I couldn’t say enough good things about Brandon. Seriously, this guy is the real deal.

-Justin Montello-Cullinan

I love Brandon so much! Brandon has helped me learn everything I need to know to get represented by an agent, including how to act during an interview, what to put on my resume, how to manage actors access and other apps, and much more! He also helped me perfect the commercial I presented for The Preps Agent Showcase that signed me to an agent! I couldn’t be where I am today without him, and I am so lucky to have learned so much from him!

-Carly Sorkin

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