Jessi Clayton

Jessi collaborates with Michael Jacobs Vocal Studio and Sarah Baskin (Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop) on deepening artistic teaching philosophies and continual growth. Jessi guides actors to trusting themselves in the moment, activating imagination and play, and feeling and living fully within the imaginary circumstances. 


Jessi believes that technique is the “foundation of vocal health, stability, and growth and should be first and foremost in our development.” Jessi currently works closely with NYC’s top vocal teacher, Michael Jacobs, to further develop her advanced technical approach consisting of breathing, stretches, tension release, and placement. The ultimate goal for us as singers is to stop thinking about every step while singing because the foundation is completely reliable. If we trust the process, amazing transformations can happen! Jessi is certified in Mental Health Awareness and Vocal Technique Education through the Michael Jacobs Vocal Studio.