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Leo Manzari

Tap Dance - Virtual

Leo Manzari is a Lucille Lortel award nominated tap dancer. His training derives from his 20+ years spent on stage as a professional tap dancer in theatre and television. He’s toured and trained directly under Maurice Hines for 15+ years, in which he’s learned the dynamics of Jazz music, storytelling, and band direction. Leo is most known for his musicality and footwork. His bread and butter is combining the traditional roots of tap dancing with modern music. What students can expect to walk away with after Leo’s class is a better understanding of their bodies as instruments, musicality and phrasing, technique and footwork, and improvisation. His brainy approach to the dance enables students to process new information with a bit more clarity. Leo doesn’t just teach you how to dance, he provides tools to storytell through the body as an instrument, and he provides the techniques essential for self-growth.

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