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Roggi Chuquimarca

Spanish Speaking Coach / Reader and Recreational Instructor - In Person & Virtual

As an artist and instructor, I believe that every artist has unlimited potential. My goal as a teacher has always been to bring out the best in every one of my students, regardless of age or experience level. As humans, we all have different perspectives and understandings of everyday life that can serve as the paint for our artistic canvases. As an instructor, I hope to help students turn that canvas into a genuine, honest, and beautiful piece of art. After training with Theresa Pittius for nearly a year, I have learned what it takes to bring the best out of my students. My personal philosophy is to strive to be 1% better everyday, in whatever way that may be. That is something that I’ve always believed in, and how I approach teaching in order to put my students in a position to reach their full potential and beyond. The beautiful thing about the arts is that with enough hard work and dedication, there is no ceiling or cap on artistic growth. We can always strive for more!

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