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Will Van Moss

Dialects - Virtual

New York City-based, Belgian-born film, TV & stage actor, Will Van Moss has been acting professionally since the ripe old age of 11.
He is well-known for the depth he brings to any character and his immense repertoire of languages and accents. Will is fluent in English, Dutch, French, Italian, and German and is able to adopt a wide variety of accents including Received Pronunciation, Estuary, Cockney, Standard Scottish, Australian, Texan, American-Southern, Standard American Dialect, New York, French, German, Russian, Dutch and Italian. He enjoyed his education at UCL, LAMDA, and the New York Film Academy where he engaged in Musical Theatre, Shakespeare, Greek Tragedies, Modern Theater Pieces, and Film & TV work. Will has been teaching language and accents to students ranging from 10 years old to 74 years and he firmly believes that with a lot of practice and dedication anyone can learn these interesting languages and accents.

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